Garlic - A Natural Herbal Medicine

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Garlic is one of the oldest treatments and has been effectively used by physicians for years. Research revealed that Ancient Egyptians had used it as an herbal remedy. There have been Egyptian papyrus listing 22 different treatments and recipes containing garlic. Since the dawn of modern medicine its effectiveness has not changed. It is useful in curing many existing conditions and to also prevent many of them. It also helps shape the body and prevent its defenses from aging and disease. What is Garlic? It grows around the globe and is in the onion family. A close relation to the shallot, its long history dates back to the Bible. The Israelites ate it in their diet as well as the armies of Greece and Rome. It not only bring good effect on you, but has many medicinal uses as well.


Garlic helps slow down the aging process by being a great and natural anti oxidant, and helps build a powerful immune system to prevent aging from the inside. High blood pressure and high cholesterol sufferers have found that it helps to thin out the blood. This prevents cholesterol from sticking to the walls of your arteries, greatly reducing the chance for heart disease.


Garlic as a natural herb remedy does not stop there. It also can be an antibiotic, anti inflammatory and antifungal treatment. We are not trying to compare it to prescribed drugs for these conditions. Garlic added to your everyday diet will help aid in the protection against these conditions.


For Candida sufferers, it acts as an antiseptic to slow down the inflammation of the intestines and stomach. It kills all the unfriendly bacteria in the digestive system while boosting the good bacteria. Tests have not been performed on humans to verify this claim, although a study was done on mice infected with Candida and found that it totally eliminated Candida in 2 days.


Garlic is used all over the world in recipes, especially in Mediterranean cuisine. It has a long history in stories and legends as one of the weapons to fight vampires. It comes in many forms and contains different levels of ingredients.


As a natural herbal remedy it can interact with other medicines, so consulting a doctor would be advisable. It also has blood thinning properties. This is very useful for Hemophiliacs or with people with platelet disorders. Patients and pregnant women about to have surgery can greatly benefit from this blood thinning properties.


It's a little known herbal remedy for athlete's foot!


Use it oil to rub on the infected areas of your feet and let it absorb into the skin. The oil is absorbed into the bloodstream so you can have it on your breath for around 20 to 30 minutes after use. This treatment usually takes around 2 to 4 weeks. The garlic can also be ingested orally but may upset some people's stomach.


Garlic has quite a resume of health benefits other than what was mentioned here. It is one of the most used herbal remedies today and affects every body system when taken regularly. Consulting a health professional is a wise move when using any form of garlic, especially when waking prescription drugs. It can sometimes cause certain sides effects when taken with other drugs.


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Garlic - A Natural Herbal Medicine

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This article was published on 2010/05/17