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1 Shandong Garlic Business exposes the "speculation" insider
Garlic opened business exposes insider "crazy garlic" interests of the chain
End of last year by "a flow" concept of high-fired "crazy garlic", recently staged a "sequel." In the "high garlic" and other factors, the national price of agricultural produce, especially vegetables significant increase trend of social concern. Recently, Yutai County, a business in Shandong garlic garlic business nearly 20 years of business Qin Bin, told reporters how the social capital of garlic prices pushed up the details, despite the recent price rises of vegetables there are many reasons, of which there are objective factors, but the garlic business opened the "capital speculation," the chain, no doubt on how the regulation of agricultural markets immediately alerted.

"Wild garlic" staged again expected to boost production cuts "speculation"
"I was running a 20-year garlic, garlic since the end of last year prices go so fast, so suddenly, beyond all the Grower expected, also contrary to the general dealer's expected." Qin Bin said.

End of last year, the main garlic producing country, Shandong, Retail garlic prices rose 40 times, up to 9 yuan per kilogram. In Beijing and some other big cities, some supermarket garlic price even up to more than 20 yuan per kg, "the garlic crazy" and soaring house prices, like 1:00 into the public spotlight. Hard to imagine, just a few months later, in April this year, Shandong garlic prices to new high.

"Garlic is the basis of speculation is still supply and demand. In recent years garlic acreage decreased, total production decreased, causing the concern of capital speculators." Qin Bin said that the recent price surge garlic, both of the reducing of garlic any connection with the industry expected this year cut the garlic.

First two years of sluggish market demand, China's garlic, garlic, particularly low purchase price. In memory of Qin Bin, garlic purchase price per kg at 1 yuan year-round, only to sell low Grower year 0.6 yuan / kg, by the end of 2008 a historic low of 0.1 yuan per kilogram, or even sold. "No matter whether the cut is expected to result in short supply, provided the conditions gave the price speculation."

Dealers "enclosure" link in quiet control of garlic source plant is the "speculators"

"Private capital speculation, first in areas heavily planted enclosure, control of garlic as much as possible source. This is the recent rapid increases in price the main reason for garlic." Qin Bin said, by the soaring price of garlic last year, the stimulation of this year, garlic in Lunan area, distribution link private capital to come to "the hands of a good speculation garlic" mentality, early to squeeze into the planting areas, early control of garlic source.

Number of dealers under the Seedling Situation, negotiate contract prices with the Grower, signed a contract, financed in advance, "occupy" some garlic to. Under the contract, dealers Grower part of the contract advanced to the gold, taking them pay part of the garlic sprouts, garlic income to pay the remaining contract after the paragraph.

From "occupy" the date of the contract, until garlic harvest Grower only responsible for watering, care of garlic; period For top dressing, fight drugs, all costs be borne by the garlic, just a labor of farmers. Garlic and garlic garlic whole business owned by all. Qin Bin in the rural home, 34 km radius of the garlic, the 10% of dealers have been "contracting", which became the price of leveraged speculation garlic. At present, the "package to" price from 3,000 yuan per mu, New Year's Day this year rose to 4,000 yuan, Qin Bin has a total land package of 97 acres of garlic, until the people no longer willing to resurrect "outsourcing."

Recent days, Qin Bin continually receiving Hainan, Hangzhou, Guangdong, Shanxi and other places the boss's phone, the other requirements before ordering garlic, fresh garlic quote has come to 4.66 yuan / kg, garlic products is 5.6 yuan / kg And do not speak specifications do not look at the shape, as long as the garlic did not have the disease, the number of how much.

"Some of Shanxi coal bosses out more favorable conditions: the first contract negotiated the price, down payment immediately, the current deposit for each mu of land have been open to the garlic 4,000 yuan. Just arrived in a package to deposit the cost!" Qin Bin said that speculation continues, "This year, the deposit less than 7,000 yuan per mu of garlic I would not sell."

Intermediary layers of "stir-fried," "Mad garlic" triple baked
"Distribution business in several sectors of the garlic levels, now more than me is a buy order of business, the brokers received garlic, will hand down level by level increases." Qin Bin said that the current distribution of garlic speculation business practices at least the following number:

First opportunity to create and continually enhance Prices Of market expectations. Such as the use of the north part of the region's "late spring", Southwest drought, garlic acreage reduction concepts, rampant speculation. In fact, such cases often occurred in the past, the affected areas is often limited, but once was as a "concept" the same as stock speculation, prices immediate effect will be amplified.

The second is "fictitious." The big boss-funded, even garlic is still no reliable sources, they can still supply one organization, on the other hand release of information supply and the higher prices and lower-level dealers negotiations. Therefore, the new garlic has not yet listed, the price has been raised to very high, "the garlic crazy," thus baked.

"Big acquisition of commercial revenue is not generally worry about the arrival." Qin Bin said, within two months of fresh garlic buds, Grower, and there is no common storage conditions of the small dealers, city in two months garlic shots. At present, the Lunan region has formed professional team garlic collection. By virtue of connections to customers collecting garlic, 2 cents per kilogram hard charging fees. Third, the inventory garlic

layers of subcontractors or hoarding. Currently Yutai, gold is very sought after village and so cold. Bin Qin some friends opened a new cold storage, according to the price of 300 yuan per ton for the customers store and garlic, and business is booming. Cold fried garlic for the dealers to provide a great convenience: garlic stored in the refrigerator for two years is not a problem, period, inventory hoarding garlic can also be constantly changed hands rise.
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Garlic Opened Business Exposes Insider "crazy Garlic" Benefit Chain - Garlic, Garlic

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Garlic Opened Business Exposes Insider "crazy Garlic" Benefit Chain - Garlic, Garlic

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