Garlic Versus Yeast: A Battle Plan Against Candida

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We all know garlic's reputation as a cooking ingredient and as for having a strong unmistakable aroma. Yes, garlic has its own antiseptic and antibacterial property. That's a given. It is also one of the best medicinal spice nature has given us. But the efficacy of garlic in combating yeast infection goes more than that. In its plain nature, garlic just kills yeast. There is no other principle more important than that when it comes to relieving all the symptoms of yeast infection.

It is better to use garlic in the evening as it is very inconvenient walking around smelling like one while in the office or while you're busy with your chores. It's possible but not recommended. All you need is a peeled clove, wrapped in a thin gauze. Then insert it in the vagina. In the morning, remove the clove with the gauze. The gauze is important especially for those who have certain allergic reactions to garlic. The garlic may cause the area to be watery. It is important to wipe that off since moisture makes the area more conducive for microbial growth. You can expect results after a night of treatment. For most patients, this is the case. If your symptoms don't ease out, you may repeat and increase your dosage. For added potency, you may pound or chop the garlic before wrapping in the gauze. This way, you get higher dosage of the yeast combating ingredient. Treating your yeast infection with garlic will help eliminate other microorganisms that might exist there as well. Not only that, the garlic will help soothe the sore and red skin in the vaginal area as well.

Treatment of yeast infection with the use of garlic is more effective for those with early symptoms. It's not to say that those with recurring infection can dispose the idea of using garlic. It will just take more time and patience, but garlic can definitely help.

Garlic is readily available, inexpensive, and all natural. It has a very strong smell but, it's potency as a spice that kills yeast make it one of the best natural remedy for yeast infection.

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Garlic Versus Yeast: A Battle Plan Against Candida

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This article was published on 2010/12/04