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You'd really like your garlic business to be the best and make a nice profit. So how can you do that? If you'd like to smell that sweet smell of success that is growing garlic for profit, then follow these profitable garlic marketing secrets, and you'll be able to do just that:

1. Produce brokers

Maybe you're more interested in growing than you are selling your garlic. That's why you might want to sell your garlic to produce brokers. Produce brokers buy garlic in bulk and then resell it to supermarkets and other retail outlets. This lets you focus more on growing than selling. You'll find produce brokers in the yellow pages of any city, or ask at local restaurants for the name of their favorite supplier.

2. Farmers' markets

Farmers' markets continue to draw big crowds eager to buy the best local products from the best local growers. That could be you. Rent a stand or stall and get selling! Many farmers' markets fill up fast, so if there are no spots available, see if you can team up with another grower and sell out of their stand.

3. Value-added products

Making value-added products using garlic is a great and fun way to make even more money. Did you know you can make a safe insecticide from garlic? Or what about a garlic-based deer or flea repellant? Garlic braids bring top dollar at the Saturday market.Yes, those are all possible and can make you big money.

4. Organic distributors

Growing organically will produce better and healthier garlic. Plus, there is a big market these days for organic produce, such as organic garlic. Organic distributors like to buy the best produce around, so your garlic might be exactly what they're looking for. They'll want to buy everything wholesale, which means you'll make less money, but you'll be able to sell more at once, which leaves you more time to focus on growing, rather than marketing. If you choose to sell direct, organic garlic brings a premium price.

5. Mail-order sales

More and more people are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Many are turning to garlic to do just that. Is there something special about your garlic? Is it organic, an unusual variety, or grown a certain way? These qualities could make your gourmet garlic ideal for mail-order sales. Place an ad in a health or gardening magazine, and you could soon see a lot of orders. Maybe you're making value-added products such as a flea repellant for dogs. Place an ad in a dog magazine, and you could see even more sales.

6. Supermarkets

Supermarkets have to get their garlic from somewhere, so why not your backyard nursery? Find out what they're looking for, and if you can grow just that and sell it to them at a better price than they've paid in the past, you could see a lot of sales. Most supermarkets will buy in bulk at wholesale prices.

Try these six market secrets, and you could have a profitable garlic business in no time. Soon your garlic business could be the one everyone turns to for gourmet garlic. To learn more, read Golden Harvest, available at: Visit ZamZuu Here
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Profitable Garlic Marketing Secrets

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This article was published on 2010/12/01