The Smell Of Garlic. Getting Rid Of The Garlic Taste & Smell

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One question which comes up time and time again and which many people often ask the Garlic Expert are related to the problems and issues to do with the smell of garlic and how to get rid of it. How can I get rid of the smell of garlic? How can I get rid of the taste? How long will it take for the smell to go away? These are all very popular and common questions.

There is a lot of debate about what works and what does not work, so the Garlic Expert gives his view.

"The way that I try and speed up the loss of the smell is to drink lots of water to try and flush my system out and I also sometime stake a sauna and I feel that this helps to sweat out the garlic smell. Also I would recommend brushing your teeth of course and the common idea of eating some parsley does not work for me, but some peopel say it works for them.

It is thought that parsley absorbs some of the garlic smell. I have tried this but without success. The final thing you can do but which is NOT what the garlic expert wants, is to not eat garlic. Then there will be no garlic smell. The benefits are so good with garlic though that giving up garlic should not be a consideration.

Interesting point: Garlic does actually permeate (migrate) though the body. That is why it takes a while for the garlic smell to go away. It is very common for the garlic smell still to exist the day after eating a meal.
Interesting point: 'Allicin' is a compound which is found in garlic and it is sulphur like chemical which gives garlic its strong and distincitve smell and taste.

Personally I love the taste so much and so rarely get colds now that I eat a lot of garlic (now I am married to an Italian who loves cooking) that I will continue will the garlic!
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The Smell Of Garlic. Getting Rid Of The Garlic Taste & Smell

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This article was published on 2011/01/02